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make me choose
↳  asked:the walking dead season two or season three

Your savior: Andrea
Best friend: Carl
Enemy: Andrea
First kiss: Beth
Love interest: Michonne
Cockblocked by: Carol
Crushing on you: Carol
Who will die for you: Carol
Killed by: Daryl

I think Carol has a thing for me

Shane Walsh - What Lies Ahead



Jon Bernthal’s Body Appreciation Post


“Hell man, if you think about it, in the cold light of day, you are pretty much dead already. ”
Character deaths I will never get over #1: Shane Walsh.


Shane Walsh gifs per episode - 1x06 TS-19


Shane Walsh gifs per episode - 1x05 Wildfire


katie’s favorite character meme:

↳ two emotions (2/2): compassion. 


“There is nothing easy about taking a man’s life, no matter how little value it may have.” 

Shane Walsh + Quotes